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It’s Thursday April 18th 2024. We’re The NXT Project. Nice to meet you.

Delivering full integrated service and support, we are your contact to provide one stop shopping trade fair presentation in every respect, from the initial consultation, right through the design and planning to the implementation, with all its facets.

Our extensive knowledge of the necessary processes, make everything more convenient for you as well as improving the efficiency and, more importantly, the accuracy of your decision-making. In the end, this saves not only time and resources but also, in particular, money.

No need to worry about any expensive unexpected costs! Save your resources with effective trade fair planning and execution, by the professionals.

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Consulting, design& 3D visualization

creating the right look and feel.


we've got your back out there.

Experience& performance

Full Service stand construction.

Your journey to success begins by creating the right stand concept within the limits of your budget. This is why we are there to support you through every phase of the stand construction realization: from the initial consultation and brief, through the sketching of ideas and the design stage to the construction and the disassembly and removal, and even storage of re-usable items for your next project.

Our extensive networking and years of experience make a crucial difference, you are always in a pole position. That is an advantage that pays off!

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Our adventages

Detailed knowledge of all the logistics and infrastructure requirements

Speed and reliability through forward-thinking planning and effective implementation with experienced partners.

Extensive experience gained from the implementation of hundreds individual stands sizing from 20m2 to 200m2 at all major exhibition venues throughout Europe and beyond.

Full service agreement

Planning and control.

One contact for all services.


Complete quality assurance and transparent processes.

Operational reliability

A large network and the best logistics.

Make a strongappearance.

Choose The NXT Project for a strong appearance.

A successful trade fair appearance not only forms the basis for your commercial success – a trade fair stand also involves high investment in all areas. Therefore, you need to be able to rely on every aspect of your stand being perfectly orchestrated. You also need to be sure that you and your team can focus on your core skills, as that is the reason for appearing at the trade fair.

The solution: with an experienced partner as The NxT Project you get the best possible support, with decades of first-hand experience, as well as access to a network of reliable and proven partners. In short: the perfect alliance for your successful trade fair appearance.

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